Advisory & Consulting

GERMI’s advisory and consulting group is actively involved in providing support to industry and not for profit organizations for their innovative socially beneficial projects.

Having extensive experience in providing advice and strategic consulting to the clients involved in the energy sector. Consulting services are provided in both conventional and non-conventional energy sectors. Petroleum research wing is carrying out excellent interactions with a host of Oil and Gas companies including major National Oil companies and private companies involved in Exploration and Development for Oil and Gas to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise in this field. In renewable field serving as think tank for government and private bodies.

Support to Governments, Government agencies, Public Sector Units (PSU), Regulators and other agencies on a host of policy and regulatory matters. State Solar Policies, Agricultural Solar Schemes, Biogas, Wind and Solar Hybrid policies and Electric Vehicle Policy are the matters where GERMI has assisted Government of Gujarat.

The group supports the Government of Gujarat in framing policies for a host of topics in the field of renewable energy. The group also provides support to regulators in the form of tariff determination, preparation of financial models and other technical support. Some of the key contributions are:
  • Gujarat Solar Energy Policy 2015
  • GUjarat Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy 2015
  • Support in conceptualization of the Farm-top net metering scheme "Surya Shakti Kisan Yojana (SKY Scheme)"
  • Gujarat Electric Vehicle policy 2018

Key Persons

Dr. Akash Davda