Advisory & Consulting

GERMI’s advisory and consulting group is actively involved in providing support to industry and not for profit organizations for their innovative socially beneficial projects.

Having extensive experience in providing advice and strategic consulting to the clients involved in the energy sector. Consulting services are provided in both conventional and non-conventional energy sectors. Petroleum research wing is carrying out excellent interactions with a host of Oil and Gas companies including major National Oil companies and private companies involved in Exploration and Development for Oil and Gas to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise in this field. In renewable field serving as think tank for government and private bodies.

Mainly to public sector and private companies that are looking at renewables, storage and smart grids to enable their current businesses. Alternatively, the group also works with companies that are keen on exploring business opportunities in the above sectors. The group also helps companies answer specific questions in the interest of furthering the group's business interests.

Master plan for GIFT city as solar city that involved preparing policies and development regulations

Inline with the objective of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) “Development of Solar Cities”, the group developed a road map for GIFT City based in Gandhinagar Gujarat, for practising renewable energy and energy efficiency.

This included in depth study of various stages as
  • Energy demand forecast of the city with analysing various factors affecting future generation of energy consumption
  • Proposing energy efficiency strategies for various residential, commercial, industrial and municipal sectors of the city
  • Based on various policy, the group formulated an year wise action plan with budget for reaching the goal


Development and Customization of RATE tool for Gujarat

  • A comprehensive “What! If” excel model on generation side power tariffs in the state of Gujarat.
  • Maps the flow of energy and revenue from Power Plants to Consumers.
  • Measuring over 10,000 data points - one of the most intricate tools developed for power sector in India


Identification of High Potential Business Cases for the RTPV market in India

  • Developed a strategy and plan for the development of rooftop solar PV sector in India.
  • Analyzed each sector of various states in India and identified the high potential business cases for replicating rooftop model
  • Proposed a financial model and a way forward based on various existing policy and regulations to boost the RTPV sector in the country


Assessing the Rooftop Solar PV Potential of Hyderabad and Chennai

  • With the objective to answer the question “how much rooftop PV can a city hold?” a study was conducted for Hyderabad and Chennai.
  • The results were presented in the form of a report showing estimated PV potential for various sectors like industrial, commercial, residential, public and private.


Key Persons

Mr. Akhilesh Magal