Advisory & Consulting

GERMI’s advisory and consulting group is actively involved in providing support to industry and not for profit organizations for their innovative socially beneficial projects.

Having extensive experience in providing advice and strategic consulting to the clients involved in the energy sector. Consulting services are provided in both conventional and non-conventional energy sectors. Petroleum research wing is carrying out excellent interactions with a host of Oil and Gas companies including major National Oil companies and private companies involved in Exploration and Development for Oil and Gas to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise in this field. In renewable field serving as think tank for government and private bodies.

Seismic data processing, interpretation and identification of thin coal seams using Inverse Continuous Wavelet Transform Deconvolution (ICWT-Decon) for resource estimation

  • The objectives of the project are to develop a cost effective technique within a short period of time for alternative method for exploration of coal, delineation of thin coal seams and estimation of resource.
  • To understand the seismic response to the presence of coal seams and their interference effects of vertically stacked seams, through forward modeling. Estimation of coal resources in a cost effective manner by reducing the exploratory drilling.
  • To achieve the above objectives, the technique of Inverse Continuous wavelet Transform Deconvolution (ICWT-Decon) will be developed to improve the resolvability of seismic data and using the Holder exponents to distinguish singularities that are due to a change of facies from those of noise.


Provisioning of seismic data processing and interpretation services.

  • The project is for developing 3D seismic data, PSTM processing and interpretation.
  • Phase-I: Seismic Data (3D) processing as per scope of work
  • Phase-II: Seismic data interpretation and reservoir characterization



Seismic Data Acquisition

  • Providing acquisition project consultancy including optimization of equipment and technologies, modeling based survey designing , optimization of field parameters, planning of experimental work and QC of 2D & 3D seismic data acquisition.
  • The group also provides comprehensive, industry accepted QHSE solutions


Seismic Data Processing

  • Comprehensive consultancy for finalization of specifications for processing and preparation of tender documents, for processing and assist clients in finalization of processing contracts.
  • Providing optimization of processing sequence, model based processing, analysis of experimental processing work, and optimization of processing parameters monitoring quality control of production processing of 2D, 3D seismic data (PSTM and PSDM).
  • Provides seismic data processing for coal characterization for CBM exploration.


Well log Data Processing and Interpretation

  • With a team of highly professional petro-physicists having more than 30 years of quality experience in well log data acquisition, processing and analysis the group provides consultancy in log analysis and processing as well as core analysis and production log analysis.


Seismic Software Development

  • Aiming to develop innovative tools for software that aids in G&G data interpretation and applications by significantly reducing the cost of software due to indigenization.
  • Seismic imaging (development of Reverse Time Migration using high performance computing)
  • Basic Interpretation applications, targeting OpendTect plugin development environment.
  • Apart from development of routine software modules for interpretation, the focus is on development of niche products relevant to Indian Hydrocarbon Industry.



Key Persons

Dr. P.H. Rao