Advisory & Consulting

GERMI’s advisory and consulting group is actively involved in providing support to industry and not for profit organizations for their innovative socially beneficial projects.

Having extensive experience in providing advice and strategic consulting to the clients involved in the energy sector. Consulting services are provided in both conventional and non-conventional energy sectors. Petroleum research wing is carrying out excellent interactions with a host of Oil and Gas companies including major National Oil companies and private companies involved in Exploration and Development for Oil and Gas to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise in this field. In renewable field serving as think tank for government and private bodies.

Total waste management at domestic level for Climate Change department of Gujarat

  • Catering the sanitation needs at rural household. Addressing the needs of industry to handle their solid and hazardous waste.
  • A bench scale plasma studies conducted by the group to evaluate the energy content of the waste which can help industry in mitigating the amount of waste disposed at TSDF site serving it economically and generating energy in the process which can be used at captive level.


Waste-to-Energy analytical services

  • Having qualified manpower in providing best quality and professional analytical services for creating sustainable solutions for both society and industries.
    • Proximate Analysis
    • Composition Analysis of MSW


Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

  • This activity gives the total idea about pollution control system is implemented properly and working within the stipulated norms. The activity includes
    • Air quality monitoring
    • Water quality monitoring
    • Soil quality monitoring
    • Noise quality monitoring


Key Persons

Dr. Shabiimam M. A