Renewable Energy Research Wing

With the objectives to meet national energy goals by developing new ways to power our homes and businesses and to fuel our vehicles, GERMI has established the Renewable Energy Research Wing. The goal is to aid the country’s deployment of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies that are impactfully to the society. Under the umbrella of this wing, four groups are formed to support activities of the renewable energy.

GERMI’s renewable energy research and development group is focused on doing fundamental and applied research for supporting the society, industry and government.

Thrust Areas

  • Graphene for solar energy and storage applications
  • Solar-Thermal air conditioning
  • Structuring design and optimization for canal top solar PV
  • Micro grids for optimizing multiple sources of energy

Key Projects

Pilot demonstration cum performance assessment of 150 TR solar thermal AC project

Design of Innovative Structures for Canal Top SPV

Micro grid implementation at CMPDI ((A Coal India Ltd. Subsidiary)

Design of innovative space cooling technology through earth tube heat exchanger concept

Renewable energy demonstration for coastal regions of Gujarat

Fundamental research on graphene and 2D material for understanding its application in corrosion science.

Key Persons

Dr. Sagar Agravat


GERMI’s advisory and consulting group is actively involved in providing support to industry and not for profit organizations for their innovative socially beneficial projects. Having extensive experience in providing advice and strategic consulting to the clients involved in the energy sector.

Key Projects

Prepared a master plan for GIFT city as solar city that involved preparing policies and development regulations

Development and Customization of RATE tool for Gujarat

Identification of High Potential Business Cases for the RTPV Market in India

Assessing the Rooftop Solar PV Potential of Hyderabad and Chennai

AgriSolar pilot project, India’s first solar irrigators cooperative at Dhundi village, Gujarat

Key Persons

Mr. Akhilesh Magal


With a group of technical experts, GERMI provides wide range of services in the field of renewable energy projects management and consultancy. This group also provides the services like bid advisory, bid coordinating, third party inspection and commissioning. So far, the group has crossed 1,000 MW of project management consulting for solar rooftop and ground based installations.


  • Support in renewable energy auctions (Bid Advisory)
  • Technical & financial feasibility analysis
  • Detailed project analysis and reports (DPR)
  • Tender preparation
  • Site management and commissioning
  • Deployment of experts on clients requirements

Key Projects

5 MW Gandhinagar Rooftop Program

Consultancy for implementation of Solar Power Projects for JAKEDA

150 MW PV Advisory Charanka

5 MW Grid-connected ground mounted Solar PV Project, Rajahmundry

To implement Solar rooftop & Ground mounted projects in the state of UP, Gujarat and Karnataka

Key Persons

Mr. Kaushik Patel


With the goal of developing a skilled workforce for the solar sector GERMI’s training and skill development group is conducting professional as well as vocational trainings round the year. So far conducted more than 50 training programs and trained 1500+ participants.


  • Solar Professional Workshop
  • Training of Trainers
  • Training under National Certification Programme for Rooftop Solar PV
  • Training on Solar Smart Architecture
  • Solar software training PV*sol

Training Highlights

The group’s work has contributed for GERMI’s Award as “The Best Solar Training Centre Across India” by Skill Council of Green Jobs

Vocational trainings and education for clean energy (VOCTC) with Arizona State University, USAID in 2014.

Capacity building of 31 locals of Charanka Village on O&M for Gujarat Solar Park

Contributed in establishing total 25 Solar ATC in India, developed Solar PV labs in 6 it is of Gujarat

Trained 36+ ITI Solar Teachers

EDP Training Aurangabad, Nashik & Pune

Key Persons

Dr. Akash Davda


With an objective to cater the needs of society in the area of environmental challenges GERMI’s Environment and Energy Efficiency group is working with the government and industries in the area of environmental management system evaluation. GERMI is also recognized as Schedule-I Environmental Auditor by Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB), a state regulatory body. The group is also working in the areas of waste-to-energy by analysing energy content of MSW (municipal solid waste). The aim is to be one stop solution provider in the area of environmental management services (EMS) and waste-to-energy (WTE).


  • Environmental Audits
  • EMS certifications
  • Waste-to-energy assessments
  • Environmental monitoring and analysis
  • E-courses on designing wastewater treatment plants, solid waste management and fundamentals of waste-to-energy

Key Projects

Total waste management at domestic level for Climate Change department of Gujarat

Waste-to-Energy analytical services

Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

Third Party Inspection of Institutional Biogas Plant

Verification of coal-based gasifier, adequacy of air pollution control measures (APCM), adequacy of ETP, estimation & calculation of pollution load of any particular industry, etc. as a part of environmental certification to various industrial clients.

Key Persons

Dr. M. Abdul Rasheed