Oil & Gas Research Wing

The Oil and Gas Research Wing serves as a centre of excellence for Research and Development of efficient and adaptable technologies to extract, upgrade, manage and commercialize the oil and gas resources and economic impacts of their production and use. This wing provides technical support, advisory and consultancy to clients involved in exploration for Oil and Gas, along with imparting necessary trainings to young geoscientists in various aspects of Oil & Gas exploration.

GERMI has a fully equipped petroleum research laboratory to carry out routine and advanced core analysis, source rock potential characterization, surface geochemical prospecting, coal characterization and crude oil mapping. The laboratory has a basic objective of serving as a centre of excellence in research and development in the field of oil and gas. The laboratory aims to address the challenges of meeting India’s growing demand for affordable oil and gas by conducting basic and applied research on hydrocarbon energy resources and economic impacts of their production and use.


  • Routine core analysis
  • Special core analysis
  • Advanced core analysis
  • Source rock potential characterization
  • Surface geochemical prospecting
  • Coal characterization
  • Crude oil mapping

Key Projects

Development of Synthetic Combustion Fuel using Algae as a Resource

Surface geochemical prospecting for hydrocarbon exploration in parts of Cambay basin

Laboratory scale development of technology for algal fuel production

Integrated microbial and geochemical methodology for the detection hydrocarbon microseepage

Geochemical analysis of lignite and Shale samples of GMDC operated lignite coal mines

Trace metal anomalies associated with hydrocarbon seepage in Sanand East and Miroli area of Cambay basin

Key Persons

Dr. Syed Zaheer Hasan
Email: zaheer@germi.res.in


The objective of this wing is to serve as a centre for excellence in research and development of increasingly efficient and well adopted technologies to extract, upgrade, manage and commercialize the oil and gas resources. The R & D involves geophysical and geological data interpretation. The center provides a unique environment that incubates multidisciplinary collaborations among GERMI scientists for developing and exploring new technologies for understanding of hydrocarbon plays.

The Data Interpretation Center of GERMI also has a “Software Development Group” whose main aim is to develop innovative tools for software that aids in G&G data interpretation. The developed software and applications significantly reduces the cost of software due to indigenization.


  • Seismic data enhancement
  • Fault & Fracture analysis and geometry extraction in tectonically complex areas
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Coal characterization using seismics
  • Identification of channels and thin sands/coals using spectral decomposition and inversion studies
  • Integration of multiple domain data for interpretation
  • G&G data analysis for exploratory block evaluation
  • 2D/3D Seismic data acquisition parameterization/planning & designing of survey and quality control
  • Processing of 2D and 3D seismic data
  • Software development for Seismic Data Interpretation and Processing

Key Projects

R&D Project with ONGC on Pore Pressure Prediction using Seismic Velocities & Reverse Time Migration

Workflow development for post stack data enhancement and fault and fracture analysis

Channels and thin sand delineation

Multi Attribute Analysis for delineation of channels

TOC prediction through core data, well logs and seismics

Texture attributes for reservoir characterization

Key Persons

Dr. P.H. Rao
Email: phrao@germi.res.in