1.Bid bond via amount deposited in GSPC accounts mentioned in Tender:
Equivalent Bid Bond amount can be deposited in the bank account mentioned in the Tender. However, proof of payment need to be attached in the place of Bid-Bond
All the Terms and Conditions for Bid-Bond in the Tender will be applicable to the amount deposited in the GSPC Bank accounts in-place of Bid-Bond.

2.Bid Bond in the Form of TDR:
A bid bond in the form of TERM DEPOSIT RECEIPT (TDR), also can be submitted valid for 180 days. The date should be for a period of one hundred eighty days (180 days) from the Bid due date plus right to extend the validity for a further period of one hundred eighty days (180 days) and invoking of TDR at its sole discretion of GERMI. TDR, should be issued in the name of Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute, Gandhinagar.