Important Dates and Information

Sr. No Particulars Description (Date, Time/ Amount)
1 Tender No. GERMI/PRWDIC/2019/016
2 Tender Name Tender for Farming In and Farming Out of 12 operating and non-operating fields of GSPC
3 Tender Fee USD 850.00 or Rs. 60,000.00 (includes 18% GST)
4 Bid Issue Date & time 1st March, 2019
5 Last date for sending queries Within Twenty (20) days of release of RFP
6 Bid Submission Date & time 31st August 2019, 16:00 hours IST.
7 Bid Bond
Field/ Block Amount in Rs.
CB-ONN-2002/3 (Miroli Field) 2,00,000
Unawa Field, Near Mehesana 2,00,000
Allora Field, Near Mehesana 3,00,000
Dholasan Field, Near Mehesana 3,00,000
North Kathana Field, Tarapur 3,00,000
Bhandut Field, Near Surat 4,00,000
Hazira Field (Onshore & Offshore) 2,00,000
CB-ONN-2004/1 (Karannagar ), Kalol 2,00,000
CB-ONN-2004/2 (Vadatal), Nadidad 5,00,000
CB-ONN-2004/3 (Uber), Jambhusar 4,00,000
MB-OSN-2005/1 (Mumbai Offshore) 10,00,000
GK-OSN-2009/1 (Kutch Offshore) 2,00,000
8 Access to Virtual data room A URL will be provided based on bidder request for access of Virtual Data Room subject to payment of tender fee and signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement.
The bidder has to provide official email ID of authorised representative which shall be made the User ID for Virtual Data Room.
The access to Virtual Data Room shall remain open until Bid Submission Date
9 Access Fee for Physical Data Room Rs. 50,000.00 or USD 750.00 shall provide access to Physical Data Room for 2 days (7 hours each day).
Additional Access: (denominated in day – 7 hours each day)
Additional Access Fee: Rs. 20,000.00 or USD 300.00 for each day (7 hours)
10 Commencement of access to Virtual Data Room after payment of Tender Fee Within Two (2) Days from receipt of payment of Tender fee and submission of e-mail of Authorised Representative.
11 Pre-Bid Meeting A pre bid Meeting is planned on 19th March 2019 (Tuesday) 1100 hours IST at GSPC Bhavan, Sector 11, Gandhinagar. Bidders are requested to nominate not more than 2 (two) representatives to attend the Pre Bid Meeting. Only those queries received on or before 14th March 2019, 1700 hours shall be addressed in the Pre Bid Meeting.