Important Dates and Information

Sr. No Particulars Description (Date, Time/ Amount)
1 Tender No. GERMI/PRWDIC/2019/17
2 Tender Name Tender for Farming in and Farming out of 1 Non-Operating field of GSPC
3 Tender Fee USD 118.00 or Rs.8,475.00 (includes 18% GST)
4 Bid Issue Date & time 27th September, 2019
5 Last date for sending queries 11th October, 2019 , 17:00 hours IST
6 Bid Submission Date & time 21st December 2019 , 16:00 hours IST
7 Bid Bond
Field Amount in Rs.
Cambay Field 4,00,000
8 Access Fee for Physical Data Room Rs. 5,086.00 or USD 71.00 shall provide access to Physical Data Room for 1 day (7 hours).Additional Access: (denominated in day – 7 hours each day)
Additional Access Fee: Rs. 3,390.00 for each day (7 hours)
9 Pre-Bid Meeting A pre bid Meeting is planned on 16th October 2019 (Wednesday) 1100 hours IST at GSPC Bhavan, Sector 11, Gandhinagar. Bidders are requested to nominate not more than 2 (two) representatives to attend the Pre Bid Meeting. Only those queries received on or before 11th October 2019 (Friday) , 1700 hours shall be addressed in the Pre Bid Meeting.