Research & Development

GERMI has established two research wings- Petroleum and Renewable Energy. The Petroleum Wing has two major groups.

Petroleum Laboratories whose capabilities are in Petrographic studies, Rock Physics and Geochemical Studies and the Data Interpretation Centre with Capabilities on G&G data analysis, Seismic Data enhancement & characterization. The Renewable Research Wing supports fundamental and applied research ranging from solar cell material and device designs to plant performance analysis. As well in the environmental research focusing to help industries in important areas related to science, technology and management pertaining to Pollution, Energy Efficiency, Bio-Energy & Waste to Energy and enable the integration of innovative need-based technologies.

Workflow development for post stack data enhancement and fault and fracture analysis

In this project the delineation of faults and fractures is demonstrated using an optimum workflow. Seismic attributes often provide a quick way to visualize the trends of faults and fractures, which are not visible in seismic amplitude information.

These set of information from different seismic attributes can be used to delineate fault geometry, and further it can be used to optimize well locations.

Out of all the attributes tested, polar dip being a directivity driven parameter that enhances the edges and sharpens of the fault to the best extent. As a result of this project it was found that for the analysis of the fractured zones, mean curvature brings out the most momentous results.

Key Persons

Dr. P.H. Rao