Training & Development

  • GERMI is an indigenous Training and Research organization whose vision is to provide, world-class continuing education facility for human capacity building in the Indian petroleum industry.
  • GERMI is proposing to collaborate with the National and international Exploration & Production Training Services , to form a consortium of international trainers.
  • GERMI can source locally and from around the world the most competent and experienced Learning Consultants in the technical, non-technical and management disciplines.
  • GERMI Consists of renowned Explorationists involved in E&P business in India and Abroad having more than 30 years of professional experience.
  • GERMI’s key objective is to develop a facility that is conducive for the impartation of knowledge  & skills for enhancing competency, productivity and professionalism in both the upstream and downstream stream sector of the petroleum industry.
  • Data Interpretation Center has designed workshops for young Geophysicists, Petro - physicists, Geologists and Reservoir engineers to enrich their knowledge in Seismic Data Interpretation, Tool Physics and Formation Evaluation. These workshops cum courses are delivered by professionals having rich experience in Oil and Gas Industry.
  • During the period from March 2013-April 2015 GERMI has conducted 3 trainings related to G&G data analysis, was attended by about 78 geoscientists from oil industry (ONGC, IOC, BPRL, GSPC, SELAN, CMPDI, Jindal, IIT’s and various other Institutions )

Upcoming Trainings/Workshops

Seismic Data Interpretation - Basics to Advanced

15 - 20 February, 2016

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Summer Internship Program

PRW provides two months summer internship program (SIP) for students of geology, geophysics & petroleum engineering hailing from different universities and IITs.

About 49 students have been mentored since 2012 on the following topics under this program :

  • Spectral Decomposition and channels and thin bed analysis,
  • 3D Seismic Data conditioning and Faults and fracture analysis.
  • Delineation of thin Sands and Channels using Inversion studies and Well property prediction using Neural Network.
  • Spectral Blueing and Impedance inversion studies using 3D seismic data.
  • Seismic attribute studies for delineation of fault, fracture, thin sands and channels on 3D seismic data.
  • Integrated Approach Using Surface Geochemical Adsorbed Soil Gas and Trace Metal Anomalies With 3D Seismic Data For Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Prospects.
  • Development of RMS Seismic Attribute plug-in for OpendTect software using Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
  • Reservoir characterization using 3D seismic data and Texture Analysis
  • Development of software/application for Reserve Estimation
  • Surface Geochemical Prospecting for Hydrocarbons
  • Source Rock Potential Characterization
  • Chemical/Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Crude oil mapping

Project Reports submitted by Summer Interns

Integrated Approach Of Using Surface Geochemical Adsorbed Soil Gas And Trace Metal Anomalies With 3D Seismic Data For Evaluation Of Hydrocarbon Prospects

By : Anand Patil, Shubhangi Kala, Ms. Harshit Patel
Abstact (PDF)

Development of RMS Seismic attribute plug-in for OpendTect software using Graphics Processing Unit

By :Mr. Aggidi Vineel Raja
Abstact (PDF)

Acoustic Impedance Inversion Studies For Delineation Of Thin Sands, Channels And Identification Of Low Impedance Areas For The Delineation Of Hydrocarbon Prospective Zones.

By : Mr. Punit Malik
Abstact (PDF)

A Report on Seismic Attributes Studies for Delineation of Faults, Fractures, Thin sands and Channels on 3D Seismic Data

By : Tirumareddi, ManojKumar, Swati Vidyarthi
Abstact (PDF)

Delineation of thin Sands and Channels using Inversion studies and Well property prediction using Neural Network

By : Preetika Srivastava, K. Uday Kiran
Abstact (PDF)

Integrated Analysis Of Well Logs And Seismic Attributes For Reservoir Characterization

By : Akanchha Dalania, Soubhagya Ranjan Behera
Abstact (PDF)

A Report On GLCM Based Texture Attributes And Impedance Inversion For Reservoir Characterisation

By : Shivani Baliyan, Sachin Kumar Daiya
Abstact (PDF)

A Report On Fault And Fracture Analysis Using Neural Network Assisted Geometrical Attributes

By : Mohana Lakshmi Chirumamilla, Kajal Mittal
Abstact (PDF)