Our People

Mr. P. H. Rao

He is backed by thirty-five years of oil industry experience as a seismic data acquisition and exploration manager and exploration and development geoscientist with strong multidisciplinary integration skills and proven record of oil and gas discoveries. Proven experience as an effective and successful project and team leader as well as team member of involving complex geological studies. Possess excellent communication skills, aware of latest state-of-art technologies. Posses sound knowledge of G&G data interpretation on workstations using LandMark and Hampson Russel softwares and lead G&G teams at various levels for interpretation of 3D and 2D data Seismic data for prospect delineation and evaluation. Shri Rao is well versed with various Seismic interpretation softwares.

Actively involved in exploration in Mumbai Off-Shore, Cambay and Rajasthan Basins. Team leader for Techno-commercial evaluation of NELP blocks on offer for bidding during 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th rounds related to Cambay, Rajasthan and Western Off-Shore blocks.

Mr. Rao is presently working with GERMI as consultant and heading the Data Interpretation Center and is responsible for R&D & consultancy in Seismic API.

No. of Research papers: 25 (national & international journals and conferences)

Core Skills of Shri P.H. Rao:

  • Prospect generation and delineation with successful discoveries in clastic reservoirs of Cambay Basin, Carbonate reservoirs of Mumbai off–shore blocks, and basement fracture analysis of Mumbai High.
  • Seismic and sequence stratigraphy.
  • G&G analysis of 2D and 3D data for mapping of structural and stratigraphic prospects
  • Attribute analysis and reservoir characterization
  • Dry well analysis and evaluation.
  • Meticulous planning, execution and monitoring of Exploration inputs.
  • Planning of 2D and 3D seismic surveys, execution, parameterization and quality control.
  • Meticulous Contract management including PSC management.
  • Effective project Leadership.
  • Sound knowledge in establishing Virtual Reality Centers and its effective utilization

Dr. Syed Zaheer Hasan

Dr. Syed Zaheer Hasan is Scientist Group-IV (6) with the functional title as Principal Research Scientist in Petroleum Research Wing of Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

Dr. Zaheer served State Mineral Development Corporation for two years and before joining this institute he served USA based multinational service company where he was involved in laboratory R & D work providing solutions to field related problems and job execution in well cementing and stimulation technology, and chemical quality control for all well operations. Here he applied for one patent towards the new technique to increase the shelf life of one of the well cementing additives.

He obtained graduate, post-graduate and doctorate degrees from Aligarh Muslim University and his research achievements are evidenced by the sanction of post-doctoral research fellowship by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India under the Young Scientist Scheme. He is Fellow and member of various national and international scientific societies. Besides, he is Editor-in-Chief of International Research Journal of Geology and Mining and member and reviewer of various world’s leading science magazines. Currently he is involved in hydrocarbon research pertaining to basic studies of oil and gas displacement, reservoir properties, drilling and production, and methodologies to enhance the hydrocarbon recovery.

Mr. Santosh Dhubia

Mr. Santosh Dhubia joined GERMI as Scientist-E1 in the year 2013. Mr. Santosh began his scientific research career as a Research Fellow in IIT, Kharagpur. Subsequently he joined Computational Geophysics, CRL, Pune as Scientist. During his stay at CRL for about 3 years, he extensively worked on seismic 2D and 3D reverse time migration (RTM) for the seismic modelling and imaging with various synthetic and real data sets. He, (i) designed parameters and performed RTM of 2D lines from various E&P companies, (ii) performed Seismic modeling studies on SEG/EAGE 3D overthrust model, (iii) implemented and tested the Extended imaging condition to compute the angle gathers for RTM, (iv) optimized the RTM code in terms of data storage using check-pointing technique, (v) analyzed the amplitude versus angle (AVA) behavior in angle domain using extended imaging condition for acoustic and elastic approximations.

Mr. Santosh Dhubia, after joining GERMI, (i) carried out seismic data interpretation of 3D seismic data in the Cambay Basin area for identification of possible new well locations, (ii) analyzed various seismic attributes created an optimum workflow for fault and fracture enhancement from the seismic data, (iii) performed studies on complicated fault block and thin bed analysis using seismic attributes and impedance inversion on 3D seismic data, (iv) performed seismic studies with team to evaluate hydrocarbon potential of a block in Cambay Basin and (v) currently working on developing 2D/3D Reverse Time Migration algorithm for seismic depth imaging for Anisotropic medium using parallel computing approach. Mr. Santosh Dhubia received M. Sc (Physics) Degree from Devi Ahilya University, Indore and M.Tech (Computational Seismology) from IIT, Kharagpur.

Dr. M. Abdul Rasheed

Dr. Abudl Rasheed joined the GERMI as Scientist-C in the year, 2013. Prior to his appointment to GERMI, Dr. Rashid continued his research activity for nine years in CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI), Hyderabad. He contributed various nationally important projects in the field of Geochemistry. He is an expert in the field of surficial geochemical prospecting for oil and gas exploration and geo-microbial exploration.

Dr. Rasheed holds a Masters Degree in Microbiology and a Ph.D. in Applied Geochemistry from Osmania University, Hyderabad. He contributed significantly in setting up a geochemical and microbiological labs useful in oil and gas prospecting. Carried out research projects for organizations like OIDB, DGH, ONGC Ltd, GSPC, GAIL, Reliance and Jubilant Enpro pvt. Ltd. Published 24 nos. of Research publications in various National and International Journals, 16 nos. Technical reports and 17 nos. of Abstracts in various National and International Seminars/conferences and contributed a chapter (Chapter 9) titled “Microbial Techniques for Hydrocarbon Exploration” in HYDROCARBONS, published by INTECH Publishers.

Mr. K. Ramachandran

Mr. Ramachandran is a Petroleum Geoscientist with 7 years of experience . Specialized expertise and experience in seismic attribute analysis and visualization, utilizing OpendTect software. Includes experience with OpendTect workflows utilizing Dip Steering, Horizon Cube, SSIS, Spectral Blueing, and Neural Network , Well to seismic tie. Detailed fault mapping projects utilizing OpendTect software for dip steered horizon slicing techniques and associated seismic attribute analysis.

Worked on Seismic interpretation of new and legacy 3D & 2D seismic, Cambay Basin on shore India and of K.G basin off-shore India . Experience in the Petroleum Geoscience field for identifying and examining hydrocarbon Prospects, Interpretation from Well logs, 2D & 3D Seismic, Modelling & Inversion, Integration of Petro physics with Seismic, Multi-attribute analysis for Reservoir Characterization and Spectral Decomposition Techniques for Delineation of channels and thin sands using high-end software for Hydrocarbon exploration such as Petrel, Hampson Russell & Opendtect )

He has received his B.Sc. degree in Applied Geology [2005] from Periyar University, Salem, Tamil Nadu. He completed his masters in Applied Geology [2007] from Pondicherry University .He has received various academic awards and scholarships. He has qualified GATE-2007, Organized by IIT- Kanpur, All India Ranking 60. Qualified Pondicherry University Entrance with All India Rank 7. Received best presentation award in Geo-science Research Seminar at Department of Earth Sciences, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, India, March-2006. He has qualified M.Tech petroleum Exploration with first class from Indian School of Mines Dhanbad. He is also actively associated with various technical and professional petroleum geologist groups.

He has published 3 international peer-reviewed papers in International Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology of Springer publication. Presently he is working on G & G data analysis of exploratory blocks.

Specialized: G & G Data Interperatation.

Dr. P.L.S. Rao

Before joining GERMI as a Senior Scientific Officer, Dr. Rao has gained five years of research experience while working at CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad as Research Associate in surface and subsurface geochemical prospecting for oil and gas exploration, studies related to paleo-sulphur methane transitions in marine sediments/rocks, isotope studies. He gained working experience on technically advanced equipment, participated various field works. Published ten Research publications in various National and International Journals, six Technical Project reports and five Abstracts in various National and International Seminars/conferences. Dr. Rao received M.Sc and Ph.D. (Chemistry) from Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur.


Mr. N. C. Nanda

Mr. Nanda possess a prominent experience of more than five decades in petroleum upstream industry and has worked with ONGC ltd for more than 37 years making an outstanding contributions in exploration and development of hydrocarbon resources in onshore & offshore basins of India. His sound conceptual understanding of Reservoir Models from study of Seismic data brought him recognition by Government of India and was honored with National Mineral Award in 1987 for his pioneering contribution in the field of Reservoir Seismic. Currently, a freelance Petroleum Geophysicist, he is consultant to several E&P companies in India, a visiting faculty to Universities and well-known Trainer.

Dr. B. S. Joysulu

Dr. Josyulu is a well-known Geoscientist and last served in ONGC as Executive Director and Basin Manager of Cauvery Basin. He possesses about 37 years of experience as exploration manager and G&G data analyst. He is a professional geoscientist having hands on experience on G&G data analysis on workstations for generating viable geological models to help hydrocarbon exploration and development. Being on the position of Executive Director and Basin Manager of Cauvery Basin Dr. Josyulu was looking after entire exploration activities of Cauvery Basin (Onland and Offshore). He Brought out the synrift potential and established Basement as commercial producer for the first time in the Basin. Under his leadership, Basin Adjudged as the best performing basin (Runner up) for two consecutive years. Dr. Josyulu has considerable experience in deep-water exploration and associated with deep-water exploration in KG and Cauvery basin. He has also served as GGM and Basin Manager of Assam-Arakan Basin and Managed the exploration and drilling & Production activities of both Assam Shelf, North Assam Shelf and Assam Arakan Fold Belt. Dr. Josyulu is Highly specialized in the areas of Reservoir characterization and direct hydrocarbon detection using latest technologies in clastic and carbonate depositional environments.

Mr. Sanjive Mayor

Mr. Mayor possesses a rich work experience in the field of Geology and was associated with ONGC as General Manager where he extensively worked upon areas like Well Site Operations, Production, Exploration and Interpretation, Basin Modelling, Estimation of Reserves, Assessment of Blocks on different sites within India as well as abroad. He also has sound knowledge of Clastic Reservoirs, Shale Reservoirs, Fracture in Basalt / Basement, Structural Modelling and Petroleum System Modelling. Mr. Mayor has been recognized many a times for his meritorious services and has also been awarded ONGC CMD’s Best Paper Award for the paper titled “Sand Distribution Pattern and dispositional model of Kopilli formation (Eocene) with special reference to sequence stratigraphic framework from North Assam Shelf, Assam Arakan Basin, India”.

Dr. Vijay Rangan

Mr. R. Vijayarangan is a well-known geochemist having last served in ONGC ltd as Executive Director and advisor handling the challenging profile of Assist & facilitates the top management in corporate decision making through effective MIS and follow up of implementations. As an advisor he helped the group to focus and expedite exploration and exploitation of High Pressure High Temperature Oil & Gas fields of ONGC.

He was responsible for setting up of major laboratories of Regional Geoscience labs Chennai. He has also created Environment monitoring study capability at IPSEM, Goa which helped the institute to
i. Institutionalise Offshore Environment Monitoring studies
ii. Environmental baseline studies all over ONGC onland areas
iii. Check pollution levels during blow out and other emergencies

He has also Initiated integrated HSE certification processes for all ONGC installations. As head of Regional Labs, Vadodara took the laboratory services to the oil fields of Gujarat and provided solutions to Oil field Water shut off, Effluent disposal, Wax / Asphaltene deposition in heavy oil wells, corrosion mitigation in high temperature wells. Etc., He was a member of the Task force for Organisational transformation when ONGC switched over to Asset based structure. At the Corporate office streamlined the corporate meeting formats and enabled ONGC management in making considered decision on organizational matters. He has also coordinated the preparation of “Perspective Plan 2030” for ONGC.

Mr. S. Bandu Rao Naik

Mr. Naik is having more than three decades of experience in exploration for oil and natural gas and last served in ONGC as General Manager. He was associated at various levels with exploration in Cambay, KG & Cauvery, Assam-Arkan, and Mumbai off shore basins. He bears a rich work experience of Oil exploration which includes key techniques like Seismic Data Acquisition, Seismic 2D/3D Interpretation of Exploration and Development. Mr. Naik is also having good knowledge of several Softwares like Landmark, Petral, Hampson-Russel and reservoir simulation softwares. Mr. Naik also has experience in Training and Development of geoscientists, having worked as nodal officer for knowledge Management of ONGC and was also designated as a Mentor for seismic Interactive Interpretation and a subject matter expert in E-Learning initiatives. He is professionally connected to different learning forums of Geophysics and credits to his name a series of paper published in this field.

Mr. R. K. Upadhyay

Mr. Upadhyay possesses a rich work experience in the field of Geology and was associated with ONGC as Deputy General Manager where he extensively worked upon areas like Well Site Operations, Production, Exploration and Interpretation, Basin Modelling, Estimation of Reserves, Assessment of Blocks on different sites within India as well as abroad. He has also worked as in-charge of KG-Cauvery development group. And during his tenure, reservoir performance and production profile studies were carried out for Malleswaram, Mukamalla ,Kajirangudi, Kesanapalli west, Khizhavallur, Madanam and Nohta-Jabera fields and 11 development locations were released for exploitation of oil and gas pools. Another since 2013 working as in-charge of KG-Cauvery development group.

Mr. A.K.S. Kakani

Mr. Kakani has over 34 years experience in Well Log data processing and Formation Evaluation and has rich experience of working with several companies within India and Abroad namely BG E&P India Limited, Sperry Sun Drilling Services, Halliburton Energy Services, HLS India Ltd., and ONGC. He has successfully managed AFE teams in India and overseas rendering formation evaluation services to different oil and service companies. He has conducted Log analysis courses for logging engineers and students and is currently engaged as Chief Technical Advisor in Varpal Energy Services. He is also associated with HLS Asia as Advisor (Petrophysics) wherein he is leading a team supporting formation Evaluation services to different Oil companies.

Mr. K.S.V.R. Krishna Rao

Mr. Rao has extensive experience in logging operations, Log analysis, formation evaluation, and reservoir characterization for more than 35 years in ONGC. During his service in ONGC ltd he held many a prominent positions with respect to logging function that include In-charge of logging division, Karaikal; Project leader in KDMIPE and Head of log interpretation group in WoB, Mumbai. He has been a trainer and has delivered series of sessions on logging related topics. Post retirement he serves as a consultant and have provided consultancy to different companies namely, Adani Wellspun, Eesh Energy Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., BPRL (GoI- PSU) and Blade Energy, USA.

Mr. D. K. Vishnoi

Mr. D.K. Vishnoi having over 35 years of experience in G & G exploration activities through Seismic Data acquisition and Processing (2D/3D in Time and Depth domain) in our National Oil Company (ONGC Ltd). Got opportunity to work with the state of art & latest technologies and carried outstanding projects and recognized as a responsible & competent professional in Seismic Data processing.
He has 14 years of experience in 3D/2D Seismic Land data processing of different parts of Indian Basins in Time and Depth as independent processor / Project leader /Group leader /Supervisor at GEOPIC-ONGC, Dehradun, India which is a Centre of excellence in state of art technology. He has 10 years of experience in 3D/2D Seismic marine data processing of different parts of Indian Basin in Time and Depth as independent processor / Project leader/Group leader/Supervisor at SPIC-ONGC, Mumbai, India which is a largest production centre of ONGC.
He has handled more than 50 projects from raw data to final product for Land and Marine successfully of smaller and larger size up to 4000 sq km. He had Processed /Supervised 2D/3D Seismic data of overseas (Land & Marine) Viz; IRAQ, IRAN, CUBA, VIETNAM, SERIA, LEBIA, BANGLADESH etc for ONGC VIDESH LTD. He has different software exposure like Western Atlas of Western Geophysical for Time domain processing, PROMAX-3D, FOCUS/Echos of Paradigm for Time domain processing, Geodepth suite of software in Time/Depth domain processing, Geodepth-Probe of Paradigm for AVO/Inversion, PGS-Tensor for Time domain processing, OMEGA from WESTERN GECO (Schlumberger) Marine data, Modelling Package: Nucleus: as and when required, Exposure on Petrel for Antracking and Seismic Velocity model building (SVM), Geomage.
He is also associated in QC in QC for Seismic Data Processing by other agencies like FUGRO, London, GXT, London, GXT, Gurgaon, M/s CGG, Mumbai.
He also received various Corporate / Basin Manager awards in recognition of work.