PRW is carrying out Excellent interactions with a host of Oil and Gas companies including major National Oil companies and private companies involved in Exploration and Development for Oil and Gas to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise in this field.

Accomplished Projects in G&G

  • Developed workflows for post stack data enhancement and fault and fracture analysis
  • Channels and thin Sand delineation
  • TOC prediction through Core Data, Well Logs and Seismics
  • Multi attribute analysis & ANN for log property mapping
  • Texture Attributes for Reservoir Characterization
  • Poisson Impedance for Reservoir Characterization
  • Coal Characterization through Seismics
  • Log data analysis for Reservoir Characterization
  • Improving stack quality and identification of coal seams using latest state of the art processing and interpretation technologies ( the data processed by our MOU partner M/S Samit)
  • R&D projects were carried out using G&G data of GSPC.
  • Analysis of blocks offered in discovered small fields - 2016
  • Reservoir Characterization of Oligo-Miocene sands of Cambay Block

Accomplished Projects in Software Development

  • Collaborative R&D Project with ONGC on Pore Pressure Perdictiction using Seismic Velocities (Officially inaugurated on 14th February, 2017)
  • Collaborative R&D project with ONGC on Reverse Time Migration using Combination of CPUs and GPUs (Due for completion in May 2017)

Accomplished Projects in Petroleum Research

  • Integration of Surface Geochemical and 3D Seismic Data for evaluation of Hydrocarbon Potential
  • Integration Of Adsorbed Soil Gas And Trace Metal Anomalies With 3D Seismic Data For Evaluation Of Hydrocarbon Prospectivity In Ankleshwar Block, Cambay Basin
  • Laboratory scale development of technology for Algal biofuels production. A sponsored project by GUJCOST, Government of Gujarat
  • Relevance of hydrocarbon utilizing bacteria and integration with trace metal anomalies addressing the micro-seepage in petroliferous region of Ahmedabad block of Cambay basin
  • Trace metal anomalies associated with hydrocarbon seepage in Sanand East and Miroli area of Cambay basin
  • Geochemical analysis of lignite and Shale samples of GMDC operated lignite coal mines

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