Petroleum Research Wing


The mission of Petroleum Research Wing is to serve as a center of excellence in Research and Development of increasingly efficient and well adapted technologies to extract, upgrade, manage and commercialize the oil and gas resources and economic impacts of their production and use.
Petroleum Research Wing (PRW) has two major groups : Data Interpretation Center & Petroleum Research Lab


  • To provide expert integration and consulting services for the entire gamut of Exploration activities including Acquisition, Processing, Reprocessing, Basin Modeling, Structural/stratigraphic interpretation, prospect generation, de-risking, geological and geochemical lab services, Well site Monitoring and core analysis
  • To reduce risk and uncertainties in Exploration by integrated exploration approach
  • To provide technical support/advisory/consultancy to clients involved in Exploration for Oil and Gas
  • To provide training to young Geoscientists in various aspects of Oil &Gas Exploration
  • To provide Internship program for students of Indian universities
  • To offer E-Learning courses in Petroleum Exploration.

Data Interpretation Center (DIC)

The center possesses top expertise and performs application oriented research in areas related to Geophysical and Geological data interpretation. The center provides a unique environment that incubates multidisciplinary collaborations among GERMI scientists for developing and exploring new technologies for understanding of hydrocarbon plays.

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Software Development Group

Data Interpretation Center of GERMI has recently started a “Software Development Group” targeting opportunity existing in G&G software development space through R&D. The proposed group is one of its kind in India, which is working on developing software solutions for seismic exploration industry. The developed software and applications will possess high commercial values due to inputs from indigenous R&D efforts and rich experience of GERMI’s experts in Oil & Gas field.

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Petroleum Research Lab (PRL)

The basic objective of the Petroleum Research Laboratoty is to serve as a centre for excellence in research and development of increasingly efficient and well adopted technologies to extract, upgrade, manage and commercialize the oil and gas resources. The R & D involves the evaluation of geological, geochemical and petrophysical parameters of source and reservoir rocks.

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News and Events

GERMI & ONGC launch 2D RTM Software for Oil & Gas Industry


The Data Interpretation Centre (DIC) of Gujarat Energy Research Management Institute (GERMI) released its 2nd indigenously developed software in collaboration with ONGC called 2D-RTM (2D Reverse Time Migration) using a combination of central processing units (CPU) and graphics processing units (GPU) specifically used for seismic data imaging. The results are very encouraging and the software provides speeds up to 35 times using GPUs as compared to serial code on CPUs.

The software was jointly launched by Mr. Ashutosh Bharadwaj, Executive Director – Head of Institute, GEOPIC, ONGC, and Mr. D. Rajagopalan (IAS Retd. and Ex. Chief Secretary to the Govt. of Gujarat), Vice Chairman & Managing Trustee- GERMI, in the august presence of esteemed dignitaries including Mr. Roopwant Singh, Commissioner of Geology and Mining, Govt. of Gujarat; Dr. T.K. Reddy, Director General, PDPU; Dr. C. Gopalkrishnan, Director General, GERMI; Mr T.R. Murali Mohan, GGM, GEOPIC, ONGC; Mr. P.K. Choudhari, Head-R&D, GEOPIC, ONGC, Dr. J.V.S.S.N. Murthy, Domain Expert, GERMI and Mr. P.H. Rao, Principal Research Scientist-DIC, GERMI. Mr. Ashutosh Bharadwaj informed that ONGC is looking forward for technologies like 3D-RTM and Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) for exploration in offshore and deep waters. He appreciated the efforts put in by GERMI in developing such software in a very limited time. Also he had stressed the need for industry in association with research institutes to develop customised solutions.

Mr. D. Rajagopalan, in his address reminded the audience the complexity of geological set ups for exploration and development of offshore fields. Technology has to be developed to reduce the uncertainty to achieve cost effective exploration. He advised GERMI to continue their efforts to introduce new techniques to improve the success ratio of exploration efforts. He also advised to extend their studies for coal and mineral exploration. While appreciating the efforts of GERMI, he advised not to be complacent with success and strive hard to achieve more laurels.

The success of this project rose the confidence level of GERMI team and laid a road map for developing such softwares for geological & geophysical (G&G) data analysis for exploration and development of oil and gas. This will help in finding substitutes to the imported softwares and will help in saving huge foreign exchange in the years to come. Motivated by the Make in India Campaign by our Honourable Prime Minister, GERMI scientists made an attempt for developing this software and resolved to develop such softwares for the industry, in the years to come.

GERMI & ONGC launch SEIS-P3 Software for Oil & Gas Industry


The Data Interpretation Center (DIC), established in May 2013 a Petroleum Research wing of Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI), launched SIES-P3, an indigenous software platform today for Pore Pressure Prediction using Seismic Velocities. This project is developed for ONGC.
Shri Rajagopalan, IAS (Retd.), Former Chief Secretary Gujarat State, current VCMT-GERMI and Chairman Standing Committee PDPU, congratulated the team and shared that while this is a great technological achievement, he is also very happy that this technology increases the environment friendliness of the oil and gas exploration process by providing precise seismic data.

Mr. Anil Sood, Chief Guest of the event and ED-HOI, GEOPIC, ONGC, shared his gratitude and pride on seeing the success achieved by the DIC in the completion of world-class software in India. He informed that audience that this software will help ONGC save foreign exchange on purchase and renewal of software licenses providing similar technology from other countries. He shared that the DIC team has earned its trust and ONGC will extend more software development projects in the due course of time. Another project on Reverse Time Migration using CPUs and GPUs is already underway. He said that India should increase its focus on specialized software, as we have no dearth of software coders, and we can hire domain expertise as and when required. He shared his vision that ONGC should start sponsoring Ph.D. candidates from India who study in foreign universities where specialized domain knowledge is available and then bring the research back to India to benefit the nation. He also opined that technology is application-agnostic and lateral uses of the current technology should be found and implemented.

Dr. Harinarayana, Director General, GERMI, opened the launch ceremony mentioning the vision behind the DIC. He shared that India is currently an importer of software in the Oil and Gas sector and DIC wants to change this. Motivated by the Make in India Campaign by our honorable PM, GERMI scientists are developing software for the oil and gas industry, in the years to come.

Dr. P. H. Rao, Former General Manager – ONGC and Consultant, Petroleum Research Wing, GERMI, shared that the team is the first to develop such software indigenously. In an expedited mode, the project was completed in only 38 weeks. Shri. JVSSN Murthy, Former General Manager – ONGC and Consultant, GERMI, shared with pride that SIES-P3 is the only one of its kind software in the world. It provides oil and gas companies with precise data and pressure prediction, which allows them to drill with confidence and without loss of life or money due to unexpected pressure areas within the earth which may cause explosions during drilling. The customizations available within this software make it the world’s most comprehensive platform for the technology.
The launch of this software has provided impetus to DIC and the team is excited and equipped to carry out further research and development of software for specialized uses within the oil and gas industry and to make India a forerunner in research-based solutions for the industry’s requirements.

Germi Organizes Hands on Training for 2D Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation for Geo-Scientists, CMPDI – Coal India

5/9/2016 to 1/8/2016

Keeping in mind the importance of seismic methods to the coal exploration, GERMI has given training to the Geoscientists of CMPDI, Coal India which has been greatly appreciated by CMPDI. GERMI is offering the hands-on Training to the Geoscientists on the routine & advanced seismic data processing methods for coal exploration, traditional seismic interpretation methods and advanced quantitative interpretation methods for coal property characterization, delineation and resource estimation. The training was provided on a real dataset for hands-on experience.

Instructors : Mr. D. K. Vishnoi, Mr. S. B. RAO NAIK
Technical Course Coordinator : Mr. P. H. Rao

GERMI Organizes a six day comprehensive course on Seismic Data Interpretation - Basics to Advanced

The course would help young Geoscientists to understand the elementary principles of Geology and Geophysics and to identify and meaningfully apply the concepts of depositional environments, stratigraphic systems, tectonic styles on seismic data and build Tectono -Stratigraphic framework throughout the history of evolution of geological basins. The course would help in building an understanding and modeling of a basin, then create a drive to test new concepts hitherto untried in generating prospects for exploration and production. The overall focus would be that the participant is able to understand the importance of difference between interpretation and evaluation of seismic data, which in turn would help them evaluate data and enable the management significantly in making crucial decisions.

Instructors : SHRI N. C. NANDA, MR. S. B. RAO NAIK
Technical Course Coordinator : Shri P. H. Rao

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GERMI's Petroleum Research Wing Sets up a stall at 11th Biennial International Conference and Exposition 2015, Society of Petroleum Geophysicists

The petroleum Research Wing, GERMI has set up a stall at 11th Biennial International Conference and Exposition 2015, Society of Petroleum Geophysicists being held at Jaipur. At the conference, a team of distinguished professionals from GERMI led by Shri P. H. Rao will showcase the R&D activities being carried out at the Data Interpretation Center and Petroleum Research Lab. You are cordially invited to visit our stall # 41 at the conference on 4 - 6th December, 2015.

Coordinator : Shri P. H. Rao
Team Members : Mr. Santosh Dhubia, Dr. P.L.S. Rao, Mr. K. Ramchandran, Dr. Abdul Rasheed
Logistic Support : Mr. Dharmik, Mr. Prashant

Recent Projects