Farming In and Farming Out of E&P Fields

The Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC), a Gujarat state owned public sector under taking is actively involved in Exploration and development of oil and Gas fields in several on Land off shore basins of India. During the last three decades the GSPC has acquired several blocks for Exploration and Development. GSPC has decided to farm out 2 operating and 10 non-operating exploration and production fields.

GERMI on behalf of GSPC, invites companies to participate in this farming out process for 12 no. of fields in different parts of the country, situated in Onland and Offshore basins.


Asset Summary of offered fields

No. Fields Company Name (Stake) O - Stands for Operator
1 Unawa GSPC Ltd. (70%) - (O), GOGL (30%)
2 MIROLI (CB-ONN-2002/3) GSPC Ltd. (55%) – (O), JOGPL (20%) - HPCL (15%) - GGR (10%)
3 UBER (CB-ONN-2004/3 ) ONGC (65%) – (O), GSPC Ltd. (35%)
GK-OSN-2009-1 (Off-shore)
ONGC (40%) – (O), Adani (20%), GSPC Ltd. (20%), IOCL (20%)
5 VADATAL (CB-ONN-2004/2) ONGC (55%) – (O) ,GSPC Ltd. (45% )
6 KARANNAGAR (CB-ONN-2004/1) ONGC (60%) – (O), GSPC Ltd. (40%)
7 MB-OSN-2005/1 (Off-shore) ONGC (80%) – (O), GSPC Ltd. (20%)
8 ALLORA GSPC Ltd. (70%), GOGL – (O) 30%
9 DOLASAN GSPC Ltd. (70%), GOGL – (O) 30%
10 NORTH KATHANA GSPC Ltd. (70%), GOGL – (O) (30%)
11 BHANDUT Oilex NL Holding (India) Ltd (40%) – (O), GSPC (60%)
12 HAZIRA GSPC Ltd. (66.6%), Sun Petro (33.3%) – (O)


Location Map of Assets : Onshore

Location Map of Assets : Offshore


Accessibility of Data-sets of E&P Fields

Virtual and Physical data rooms are available for bidders to access relevant data-sets of offered E&P fields.

Virtual Data Room

All the relevant documents (Technical/ Contracts) shall be accessible through a secure and access controlled internet website. Access to Virtual data room will be provided to bidders are payment of tender fees.

Physical Data Room

A workstation along with a desktop loaded with all the technical data/Project shall be provided to view and analyze data. For Project purpose, Petrel 2016/2014 licence shall be spared with respective field/block’s project. It is located at GSPC Head Office Gandhinagar. Bidders are required to submit a registration form for the physical data room visit along with proof of payment for data room charges on